Design Your Custom Sony Xperia M5 Case


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    What is the recommended picture resolution for better quality?
    Minimum of 1000×2000 pixel images will give good prints. Photos obtained directly from the camera are better than the photos downloaded from Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.

    In the design tool, I see sides what is that?
    Sides will cover all around the phone case, so while designing it is important to stretch the image to cover sides.

    How long it will take to prepare and ship the order?
    Usually it will take 48 hours to ship the product, but in some cases where there is a huge demand it might take 3-4 days. We will inform you if it takes long time.

    What is the returns policy and warranty on custom cases?
    Our custom cases are prepared with latest technology and the colors won’t fade away or peel off from the case. If there is any manufacturing defects on the case we will accept returns of custom cases.

    What is the material used for the cover?
    Our cases are made of light plastic called polycarbonate it offers good protection to the phone from bumps, scratches and drops. The raised lips on the front protect your phone screen.

    Design covers the whole case?
    Our cases cover the back and around the sides, the case has precise cuts for buttons, ports and speakers.

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